Making Money In The Transportation Industry

There is a lot of money to be made out there if you know where to look and how to use your tools to their fullest potential.  In the transportation industry finding something to haul can be your main ticket to cash.  When we find loads to haul the first thing, we need to do is determine the cost for the service.

To find a cost you first want to look at the items and see how large they are and how heavy they are.  You first want to change by the pound.  If you have a one-pound item, it will cost one price compared to an item that weighs ten pounds.  With this as your base number you will then want to determine distance.

find loads

In transportation you will typically charge two dollars a mile to transport an item from source to destination.  Now, this is an estimate and different areas will have different rates.  From there you can have a good number to build from.  Finally, is time frame.  If your load is a standard load that doesn’t need to be there right away, then you can keep the costs down.  However, if the package needs to be somewhere right now, then you can charge for the express delivery.

Making money in the transport business can be very lucrative.  Another consideration that you want to work with is having multiple loads in one run.  When we transport a single box for instance it can end up not being as profitable than if you were to have fifty boxes going the same direction and even to the same location.

Making money with transportation can be very lucrative but you have to know your numbers, value of your time and the willingness to be the go-to guy for the service.  There are lots of competitors out there and to make your mark you have to make it happen.

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